Delivery & Shuttle Service

Delivering to Over 25 Campsites & Access Points

One of Algonquin Bound’s specialties is its unique park delivery and shuttle service. There is no other outfitter in Algonquin Park that offers such a broad range of services at such an affordable price. In fact, some of our Algonquin delivery services are free! We service almost twenty Algonquin access points and campground sites – check us out!

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Access Point Delivery

Stop wasting time tying down your canoes and scratching your vehicles! Let Algonquin Bound deliver your canoe or kayak to your Algonquin Park access point or campground. Delivery is also available to access points like Rock Lake, Shall Lake, Achray and more! Prices for delivery are competitive and delivery is fantastically convenient.


Campsite Delivery

Did you know it takes even the most seasoned camper an average of 45 minutes to strap on a canoe and get going? For those of you that are not experienced an hour plus is normal. Let Algonquin Bound Outfitters take the hassle, risk and time out of tying down canoes and have us deliver and pick up your canoe or kayak from your campsite. For a small fee, we will drop off your watercraft to your Algonquin Park campsite and pick it up. All you have to do is show up and your canoe will be ready to enjoy…what could be better?


Shuttle Service

If you are planning a linear (one way) trip and do not want to waste time moving your vehicle(s) around, Algonquin Bound can help. We offer Algonquin vehicle shuttle service or shuttling service for your group and gear to every single access point in Algonquin Provincial Park. Just let us know which route you are considering and we will provide you with the best option for your Algonquin adventure. Algonquin Bound will also pick you up! We can pick up from numerous nearby towns and take you to the park and back for a hassle-free adventure.


Pickup Service

Algonquin Provincial Park is a massive park larger than the province of PEI. With almost no public transportation to speak of to access the park, you can rely on Algonquin Bound Outfitters to get you to where you need to go. While there are numerous loop trips that showcase Algonquin’s famous lakes and breathtaking landscape, sometimes you just want a linear option. Let us make your dream trip come true, whether it is moving your vehicle from one point to another or transporting your group completely.