Access Point Delivery

Serviced Areas

Algonquin Bound Outfitters specializes in Algonquin Park access point delivery to make your canoe or kayak trip easier and hassle free. We service select* Highway 60 access points between the West and East Gate and beyond. We also service the entire east side of the park from Whitney to all Sand Lake Gate locations sites including Achray and the Petawawa River.

Canoes are typically delivered the night before or by 8:00 am the day of.

Access Point Delivery Prices

Listed below are all of the access points and campsites we service. If we have missed your destination of choice, please email for a quote. Prices below are starting at prices and include delivery and pick up from the same location or closer location only. Custom delivery and shuttle services are also available.

25% discount if you rent 2-4 canoes

For larger group rentals please contact us

  Access Point   Access #   One Canoe
  Aylen Lake   18   $69
  Achray (Grand Lake)   22   $29
  Basin Lake   19   $99
  Brigham Lake   n/a   $39
  Foys Lake   19   $129
  Galeairy Lake (Whitney)   13   $19
  Hay Lake   16   $79
  Lake Opeongo   11   $49
  Lake Traverse   23   $109
  Mallard (Sec) Lake   20   $49
  McManus Lake   21   $69
  PineTree   12   $19
  Rain Lake   4   $109
  Rock Lake   9   $19
  Shall Lake   17   $19
  Squirrel Rapids   n/a   $35
  Sunday Creek   10   $29