Algonquin Park Info

Algonquin Bound Outfitters simplifies your Algonquin Park trip planning by doing it for you! Whether it’s a one-day outing or a multi-day adventure, we assist in organizing trips of any length and route. Our services also include our famous food service, offering tasty, nutritious, and lightweight meals throughout your journey. From basic seasonings to elaborate backcountry feasts, we take the hassle out of Algonquin trip planning.


Activities by Season

With over 7,000 square kilometers of land, and one of the most diverse ecosystems, there is never a shortage of adventure to be found in Algonquin Park. Year round you will be able to find plenty opportunities to explore the beautiful park. Through the sun-drenched days out on a lake to one of the most magnificent displays of colour by mother nature during fall, Algonquin Park provides an exciting playground to explore every season. Come check out the best activities to enjoy in each season here!


Permits and Regulations

Algonquin Park is well known for its incredible landscape of rolling hills, lush greenery and pristine lakes. In order to preserve this beautiful natural environment, all visitors must abide by the permits and regulations of the park. It is important to know before you go, all of the policies and regulations, so that you can help maintain Algonquin Park for all of those who wish to enjoy it. Check out all of the parks policies and regulations here so you can plan your trip stress free, and respectfully!


Campsites and Cabins

With so many beautiful trails, lakes and adventures to explore in Algonquin Park, you’ll need more than a day to be able to do it all! Algonquin Bound Inn provides the perfect place to relax after a long day of exploring, with stunning lake views, accessible fire pits and is located right beside Algonquin Park's West Gate. Or if you rather take a more rustic approach to your accommodation you can try one of the Algonquin's park's numerous cabins or pitch a tent under the stars in one of its many campsites.


Wildlife Viewing

As one of the largest nature reserves in Canada, you can just imagine the diversity of wildlife that inhabit Algonquin Park. Home to every creature from large Canadian Moose, to camouflaged reptiles, to various bird species, almost anywhere you travel in Algonquin Park you’re guaranteed to encounter a colourful array of wildlife. Here you can find more about the amazing mammals, reptiles, and birds that call Algonquin Park home, and when and where you can get your better your chances of spotting each.

access point


Paddlers everywhere flock to the impressive waterways of Algonquin Park to experience the amazing paddling adventures it offers. Regardless of your trip length it is difficult to avoid portages in the park. However, portaging is another great way to explore the interior. Whether you are starting your trip from Canoe Lake near the Portage Store or Shall Lake, Algonquin Park offers every type of portage to meet your interest. Head here to know all about the tips and tricks of portaging, including how to choose your vessel and what to pack before you head out!