Activities by Season

No matter the season, Algonquin Park offers ample opportunities for outdoor activities. In the summer sunshine head out on the thousands of kilometers of trails, or canoe the great waterways, and then pitch your tent in one of the numerous campsites for a snooze under the stars. For those looking to view some of Algonquin Park’s incredible wildlife, take your adventure into the fall where the forest is alive with colour as you hike and paddle your way through one of the most surreal natural surroundings in Canada. Then finally, bound into new adventures in the spring, fishing the thousands of lakes and rivers. There’s never a ‘key’ season to head to Algonquin Park, because adventure is alive all year long!


Spring Activities

Best Time to visit: Late April to Mid-May.
Activities: Canoeing, Camping, Fishing, Hiking, Swimming, Wildlife Viewing

Algonquin Park comes alive in spring. Along with the newly formed tree buds and renewed animal activity comes an influx of canoe trippers starved to get a paddle in the water after a long winter slumber. The main attraction of the park in spring is the good fishing for lake and brook trout. Anglers from around the world flock to the park in search of that once in a lifetime Algonquin Park trout. This is also a good time for wildlife viewing, with moose more commonly spotted at this time. The best time to visit is late April to late May.


Summer Activities

Best Time to visit: Early July or Late August
Activities: Canoeing, Camping, Fishing, Hiking, Wildlife Viewing

Those looking for better weather and warmer nights often wait until July to visit the park. At this time, canoe camping, fishing, hiking and swimming and are the most popular pursuits. Mid-July to late August is the high season for Algonquin Park canoe tripping, but the park is well managed to ensure there is a campsite for everyone. Algonquin Bound services several quieter access points, like Shall Lake, which makes it all that much easier to find a scenic and peaceful campsite away from the crowds.


Fall Activities

Best Time to visit: Late September to Early October
Activities: Canoeing, Camping, Fishing, Hiking, Wildlife Viewing

Fall is a special time in Algonquin Park. The fall colours display is world renowned and is simply something that must be experienced. Starting in late September, the deciduous forests turn from green to a vibrant array of yellow, red and orange. Although Farm and Crotch Lakes are popular destinations, there is no better a place to revel in this display than taking a weekend trip into Booth Lake. The rolling hills come alive with an amazing display of colour. Oh yah, the fishing is pretty good then too!