Campsites & Cabins

One of the best ways to get in touch with the wilderness is to try camping in Algonquin Park. The park offers every type of campsite, from well developed vehicle accessible sites to remote and rustic paddle or hike in only sites. Also available are the ever-popular historical Ranger Cabins that are now available for rent. Algonquin Bound is proud to offer easy access to some of the most scenic Algonquin Park interior campsites like Lake of Two Rivers and Mew Lake, as well as countless backcountry sites found close to popular interior access points like Canoe Lake and Smoke Lake.

Sand Lake Gate/Barron Canyon

The Sand Lake Gate/Barron Canyon Access Points on the eastern side of the park are some of the most heralded and historic access points in all of Algonquin. The most notable campsite is the Achray Campground. The easy access and significant features including beautiful Carcajou Bay and the Barron Canyon make this drive to campsite very popular during the summer for families. Further afield, there are many interior campsites to explore. From short paddles to extended trips, there is no shortage of places to overnight on the east side of the park. From the Sand Lake Gate side of the park there are also two historic ranger cabins that can be found, the Wenda Lake Cabin not far off Grand Lake and the Crooked Chute Cabin found along the Petawawa River.

Shall Lake Area

The Shall Lake area is a hidden gem just outside of the busy Algonquin Park corridor area. This quieter area offers some of the most scenic and peaceful campsites Algonquin Park has to offer. Booth Lake, in particular, is spectacular with its rolling hills and fantastic beachfront campsites. Closer to the access point, Crotch Lake features easy to reach campsites that do not require any portaging. These sites are ideal for those looking to experience wilderness without venturing too far from the car. The Shall Lake access point also offers visitors three different cabin options. The Kitty Lake Cabin is a short paddle along Farm Lake, while the Tattler Lake Cabin is found further west beyond Booth Lake. McKaskill Lake Cabin will also take a good day worth of travel as it is found northeast of Shirley Lake.

West Gate/Highway 60 corridor

The historic Highway 60 corridor area of Algonquin Park is one of the busier areas of the park due to the ease of access and close proximity to the fabulous interior of the park. From the West Gate to the East Gate, which is about a 40 minute drive, there are over eight interior access points, numerous campgrounds, a number of picnic areas and the informative Algonquin Visitor Centre available. The Highway 60 corridor is also home to the largest concentration of Algonquin Park hiking trails, providing plenty of options for you to enjoy the great Algonquin outdoors.

All Algonquin Park campsites can be reserved in advance. And since there are usually limited sites available along your desired canoe route, we highly recommend you reserve your site. Even better, let Algonquin Bound take the hassle out of trip planning and do it for you. The busiest times are July and August, while the shoulder seasons of September (fall colours) and May (fishing) see much fewer paddlers. If you are looking for a little more solitude, June and October are great times to visit the park. The historical network of Algonquin Park Ranger Cabins is another excellent way to experience the park.

Reservations for cabins are made through Ontario Parks at (888) ONT-PARK.