Algonquin Park Whitewater

Featuring such an incredibly diverse terrain, along the Canadian Shield, Algonquin Park also provides some of the widest variety of water flows, from still, calm currents and pounding white water rapids. Algonquin Park is home to some of the best white water rafting opportunities in Ontario. As the headwaters to six major rivers, flowing to Georgian Bay and St. Lawrence River, originate in Algonquin Park, they form the amazing and exciting current that white water enthusiasts could only dream of. The Petawawa, Madawaska and Opeongo Rivers provide the reality of extraordinary adventure, rafting the whitewater currents through Algonquin Park.


Madawaska River - Whitewater

Located right at the drainage basin of the Saint Lawrence River, the Madawaska River is easily one of the most popular whitewater routes in Algonquin Park. The strong current, especially in the spring months, propels you down the canal of the fast flowing river, through the adventure of a lifetime. Whether it’s your first time rafting, or you’re an experienced paddler, you’ll enjoy the exciting, adrenaline pumping excursion through the impressive white water rapids of the Madawaska River. Check out all the details on how to get there and more here!


Petawawa River - Whitewater

Flowing all the way from Algonquin Provincial Park to the Ottawa River, the Petawawa River is one of two dominant channels of the Ottawa River to flows totally free. The name, Petawawa, comes from the Algqonquian saying “where one hears a noise like this,” referring to the incredible rapids scattered throughout the river. Not only do these rapids give the river its name, but they also provide some of the most amazing white water rafting in Algonquin Park. Swift currents, tumbling over rocky rapids make for a great adventure white water rafting either as a lone expert or as a first timer with the many tour groups offered. Be sure to check the water levels before you go, as spring is the best season to experience the strong force of the river, and you can get information just like that here!