Guided – Overnight Trip

2,3,4 and 5 day Options Available

Designed to be the no hassle way to explore Algonquin Provincial Park, our overnight guided trips are a great way to get in touch with the Canadian wilderness. Our experienced Algonquin Park guides plan and prepare your meals and help you with every aspect of your adventure. Learn more about the history and ecology of the park, learn how to identify animals and animal signs, improve your map reading and campfire lighting skills, share stores and so much more. Available by advance reservation only.

Pricing depends on time of year and group size.

Guided – Day Trip

Let us take the mystery out of Algonquin Park canoe tripping. Our experienced Algonquin Park guides will take you on a personalized trip through the park that includes teaching your group more about the exciting aspects of canoe tripping. All your gear and a shore side lunch are included. Our guides can even be used as a first day introduction before heading out on your own for a longer trip. Available by advance reservation only. Smaller and larger group rates as well as children rates are available.

Pricing depends on time of year and group size.

Introductory Course

If you have no experience with canoe tripping, we will be more than happy to give you an introductory course in canoeing and interior camping. Our experienced Algonquin Park guides have extensive canoe tripping experience both around the park and into remote areas of Ontario few people have seen. Let them show you the basics to help make your trip that much safer and more enjoyable.

Five Day Self Guided

Our five day Algonquin Park interior canoe trip is geared towards those looking to gain a bit more canoe tripping experience. It is recommended to have some overnight canoe camping experience and at least some basic first aid and survival skills. Whether you want to pack your own food or let us supply it for you, we provide all of the gear and planning needed to make your trip a memorable wilderness experience

Three Day Self Guided

The three day Algonquin Provincial Park canoe route is designed for those with minimal experience canoe tripping or little time to plan a trip themselves. Let us worry about the details such as campsite bookings and getting your gear ready. We can even provide your backcountry food to make this a safe and enjoyable way of experiencing a long weekend trip into Ontario’s signature wilderness park.

This trip can begin and end from several different locations. Near the West Gate, the Canoe Lake and Smoke Lake access points lead to many interesting places. Near the East Gate, the Shall Lake access point and Galeairy Lake access point are great starting points, while the Achray access point near the Sand Lake Gate is equally exciting.

From the access point you will head out to find a campsite that will be your home for the two nights (or we can plan to move each day if you prefer). There are plenty of sites to choose from with the furthest being about a two hour paddle from the access points. From your new outdoor home you will be amazed how much there is to do right around camp. Meals become an adventure, birds and wildlife abound and you can even take a day trip into a nearby lake. Our trip plan highlights the points of interest, fishing hot spots and much more.

Two Day Self Guided

The two day Algonquin Park canoe trip is perfect for those looking to try canoe camping or gaining a bit more experience canoe tripping. Let us worry about the details such as campsite bookings and getting your gear ready. We can even provide backcountry food packs to make this a no hassle way of experiencing an overnight trip into Ontario’s signature wilderness park.

For those looking to just paddle in, Cannisbay and Crotch Lakes are perfect. From Canoe Lake, Farm Lake or Sec Lake you will find portages into surrounding lakes for those wishing to venture a bit further. Whether you are interested in simply lounging around camp, looking for wildlife or testing your luck fishing, we provide all the necessities required to have a safe and enjoyable two day Algonquin Park experience.